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Good support and continued logistical organization is half the victory, from this vision our experts and consultants took it upon themselves to build organized and well-equipped camps for Troops whether in rear or front lines. TIG provide a wide spectrum of support and services range from full service turnkey base camps and FOB support to the provision of any single component which can be used independently to augment existing facilities such as kitchens or barracks. TIG team comprised of experts from the military, construction/engineering, and logistics fields, we provide a synergistic source of dedicated support to demanding clients. Our past performance has repeatedly been deemed “highly capable” and our projects maintain the highest levels of quality control at all phases of operation allowing our clients to concentrate on the mission while we support it.


Below some of our activities including but not limited to:

•    Turnkey Base FOB/COB/COL 
•    Base / Small Camps 
•    Command and Control (C2) / Tactical Operation Centers (TOC)
•    Billeting Facilities (BFAC)
•    Dining Facilities (DFAC)
•    Portable Showers/Restrooms/Ablution/Laundries 
•    Maintenance / Work Continuation Services (WCOS)
•    Equipment Storage  
•    Logistics Support /Management
•    Aircraft Hangars / TUAV Hangars
•    Mobile Field Hospitals / Medical Facilities / Decontamination
•    Chapel / Worship Facilities
•    Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Facilities
•    Perimeter Protection / Guard Towers / Ammunition Storage
•    Power / Water Systems

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